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continuous concrete Landscape Edging



We many different styles of curbing to create a unique personal appeal to your yard. Our concrete border will not rust, fall apart, or move. It is one solid piece of concrete extruded, colored, and stamped.


Slant Edge

Slant edge offers the ability to fill your flower bed with mulch, crushed granite, pea gravel, or any other material without the hassle of the bedding spilling over into your yard. Slant also offers the ability to add one of our six stamp patterns.        


Mower Edge

Mower edge also offers the ability to fill your flower bed with mulch and other types of bedding while also offering the ease of mowing right over the edge reducing some of the need for weed eating.

Square Edge

Square edge curbing can be installed around flower beds and trees, however, it is more commonly used for walkways, driveway edges and commercial parking lots.

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